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Our Little History


When 2011 believed in this business of frozen yogurt, we knew we were going to achieve the illusion of waking children and older.
Our effort to make a high quality product, has only one way;
Raw materials selected Premium, fresh produce picked daily work and daily monitoring and control of manufacturing.

Innovators of this business??

We do not lack evidence of this, in all our centers you will find a selection of toppings for different ages, for the enjoyment of our customers.
In all of our centers offer a variety of flavors of yogurt, reaching in some of them up to six classes.
Our work continues to improve, thanks to our customers, they see reflected in the day to day needs.

Thanks for being Yaa Yogurt.

If you want to know more…

If you have concerns and want to know more about us or just know better, dudes in contact via mail and glad we respond with joy to all your questions ...
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